FPL: Looking Ahead to the Second Half of the Season

An element of the FPL game is no doubt long-term planning. Every top FPL manager knows that transfers should be made not with the immediate gameweek in mind, but rather the next 4-6. Here, we at FF Titans look into the second half of the season and highlight a few peculiar gameweeks which you must take note of.


  • GW28 – 24 Feb (League Cup Final)

Fixtures affected:

  • Arsenal V Man City
  • Man Utd V Chelsea

The Carabao Cup Final is scheduled on Sunday, 25th Feb, meaning that both the Finalists will miss this gameweek. At time of writing, the tournament is at the semi-final stage, where Chelsea plays Arsenal and Manchester City plays Championship side Bristol City.

FF Titan says: Plan ahead, but there is no need to play any chip for this GW. Reduce your reliance on missing teams’ players but given that at most two games are affected, there is no need to do anything drastic there.

  • GW31 – 17 Mar (FA Cup quarter-finals)

Confirmed unaffected: Stoke v Everton

GW31 is the first time which the FA Cup fixtures clashes with the Premier League fixtures. It will be the quarter-finals of the FA Cup on that weekend so mathematically, a maximum of eight Premier League fixtures could be postponed. In an unlikely scenario where no Premier League teams make the quarter-finals, no fixtures will be affected.

After the third round, a total of four Premier League teams have been definitively knocked out of a the competition whilst a few others will go through replays. Stoke and Everton is the only fixture confirmed to go ahead thus far but in all likelihood, several of the teams in the bottom half of the table would have exited the competition to avoid unnecessary distractions.

FF Titan says: This is a week to consider using the Free-hit (FH) chip to field a team of playing players. Managers not playing FH or WC this Gameweek will definitely struggle to field an XI, given that top teams are more likely to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals.

  • GW34 – 14 APR (Double gameweek)
  • GW37 – 2 May (Double gameweek)

Fixtures affected: TBC

Games postponed from GW28 and GW31 will most likely to played in the mid-week of this gameweek as there are no scheduled European club fixtures. Up to 18 fixtures may be played this GW but it will be more likely to be between 13-15.

FF Titan says: If you have not used your WC by this stage, do use it in DGW or a GW prior to it to maximise your advantage at the DGW. You should have expended your FH chip by this stage, as FH may not be as useful as Triple-Captain (TC) or Bench-Boost (BB) here.


Overall strategy proposal:

  1. GW31: Use FH to ensure that you have a strong XI of playing players
  2. GW33: Use WC to bring in players with likelihood to play in every game until the end of the season
  3. GW34: Use BB this DGW as your squad is likely to a XV of playing players
  4. GW37: Use TC this gameweek on a striker whose team has something to play for (Champions League qualification, title race etc)




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