FPL: Looking ahead (II)

A few weeks ago, we wrote about which game weeks to look out for as the season draws to a close. With the conclusion of most of the Last 16 ties of the FA Cup, we have more information and here is our updates:


  • GW28 – 24 Feb (League Cup Final)

There is NO impact to the gameweek. By some coincidence, the Carabao Final features the two teams which were supposed to play each other in the same game week. As a result, the Arsenal VS Manchester City Premier League tie would be play on Thursday, 1 Mar and will be included in the same game week. This could be a reprieve for many FPL managers as no tactical changes are required this game week.

  • GW31 – 17 Mar (FA Cup quarter-finals)

As it stands now, there are FOUR Premier League fixtures that will be played and ONE pending a FA Cup Replay.

Confirmed fixtures:

  1. Bournemouth VS West Brom
  2. Huddersfield VS Crystal Palace
  3. Stoke VS Everton
  4. Liverpool VS Watford


  1. Spurs VS Newcastle United

Anything can happen, but chances are Spurs will overcome Rochdale in the FA Cup Last 16 Replay in Wembley and this tie will be postponed like the rest of the fixtures. Nothing really changes here as we strongly recommend the use of a Free Hit chip here to maximise players from the playing teams (either 8 or 10 of them). Of the fixtures, Liverpool appears to be the most tantalizing to splash the FPL cash on but don’t forget that Liverpool’s Champions League campaign is very likely to extend beyond mid-March. There will be reasons for Jurgen Klopp to start rotating so players like Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah may not be instant first choice here. Wait and listen to team news before finalising your squad for this gameweek.

  • GW34 – 14 APR (Double gameweek)
  • GW37 – 2 May (Double gameweek)

All the postponed fixtures will likely to be played over these two gameweeks. These have yet to be confirmed but there is no need to plan too much ahead for this at this point.

  • Overall Strategy

Our proposed strategy remains unchanged:


  1. GW31: Use FH to ensure that you have a strong XI of playing players
  2. GW33: Use WC to bring in players with likelihood to play in every game until the end of the season
  3. GW34: Use BB this DGW as your squad is likely to a XV of playing players
  4. GW37: Use TC this gameweek on a striker whose team has something to play for (Champions League qualification, title race etc)




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