FIFA World Cup Fantasy: Potential Pitfalls

By and large, the FIFA World Cup Fantasy game shares the same skeleton as that of Fantasy Premier League, which is a big plus as there is not much understanding to do for FPL managers. There are, however, nuances in this game and here we look at some potential pitfalls which you may want to avoid. 


Picking ‘big name’ players from lesser sides

The World Cup is of course the tournament of all tournaments in the international stage and naturally it will feature swathe of talents from across world. A potential pitfall in this game is to go for big name players from weaker national sides, choosing them purely based on reputation. There are many examples and one of them would be Senegal’s Sadio Mane (8.5). He is of course a top player who enjoyed a sensational season with Liverpool (especially in the Champions League) but Senegal is in a tough Group with seasoned World Cup teams like Japan, Poland and Colombia. They will fancy their own chances to progress but likelihood of Mane free-scoring in the Group stages is somewhat remote.

Of course, there is an element of reputation when players are priced in this fantasy game so if anything, these big name players are overpriced.

Selecting ONLY FPL footballers

FPL managers typically can recite the starting XI of many different Premier League club sides and have built up an amazing knowledge pool of the players in the Premier League. It would be natural to scroll down a list of players and only select the familiar FPL names. This is of course a severe limit to the talent pool and should be best avoided. No in-depth analysis has been done but it is very likely that many FPL players are overpriced in this game, driven by their reputation.

Lack of Research

Who is Iran’s left-back? Who will get the goals for Morocco? Which is the play-maker of Panama? These are some of the questions you need to answer to form a squad of 15 sure-to-start players. With the ability to substitute players within game week (see below) and Bench Boost, a good Fantasy manager always have 15 playing players.

Research is the key to success for any Fantasy manager. You can take a read of all our picks but we can never comprehensive enough. Do you own homework too!

Not Utilising the Substitution

As mentioned and alluded several times, the substitute function is by the far the most crucial aspect of the game that will separate top managers and the rest of the pile. It is unique to this game and if not utilised, a manager only have 1 chance to pick a squad and a captain, as opposed to up to 5 different chances (over 5 calendar days).

If you have missed out on reading our previous notes on this, just remember these points:

  • You can change a player and/or you captain after each completed game day (before the start of the next)
  • You should select a starting XI and captain from teams playing first in that gameweek (ie from Group A-B) and substitute them OUT if they do not perform.
  • These can be done in every gameweek (incluidng GW4-7: the knock-out stages)





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