FIFA World Cup Fantasy: 9 Midfielders to select from

We have looked at defenders and goalkeepers in our previous pieces and we look at midfielders here. There are five midfield slots to be filled and given their values, this is an area where most of your budget will be spent so it makes sense to spend a fair bit of attention on picking on your midfielders. 

Broadly speaking, there are three categories of pricing in midfield:

  • More than 8.5 – at this price range you find the who’s who of midfielders, players who are playmakers, wingers and potential goalscorers for top teams in the World Cup
  • 6.5 to 8.0 – A wide array of players are in this price buckets, including less attacking midfielders of top tier teams and a handful of top names in mid-tier sides
  • 6.0 and cheaper – players in this range are either attacking midfielders of lower tier sides or defensive midfielders.

As a rule of thumb, always go for midfielders with goal scoring potential, even if they play for unfancied teams. It’s quite pointless to pick defensive midfielders who rarely even attack.



Muller is the current active top goal scorer of the World Cup, with already 10 goals to his name. He plays a free role for the German side, floating between the midfield and the forwards. He is well worth his price because Germany will do well enough to progress, as always have done at the largest World stage.


If James can reproduce his form from 2014 then he is more than worth the 9.0 he cost. He is however, a slight risk at this price and furthermore, Colombia is in Group H so there is little maneuverability should he not perform. That said, he gets our vote as a pick because the Colombians have a relatively easy group and James will be in with the goals.


Argentina are blessed with attacking talents but Di Maria is probably the second most important player behind Messi in the team. He is a guaranteed starter and will operate on the flanks, providing the width. He is worth a few goals and assists from the 3 Group games.



Coutinho is an important player in the formidable Brazil set-up and will play the pivot behind the 2 or 3 forwards. He takes a mean freekick as well so if Brazil were to score plenty of goals in the Group Stage, he will be among the scorers.
The Stoke midfielder appears to be a tad overpriced at 8.5 but he is central to every Swiss attack. He takes the set-pieces and orchestrates the attacks. The Swiss are organised and have a good chance to qualify from their Group so Shaqiri is worth a pick.
Costa Rica is probably one of the most under-rated teams in this tournament. They were quarter-finalists in the last World Cup and have enjoyed four years of stability before qualifying comfortably again this round. Ruiz, like Shaqiri to the Swiss, is central to the Costa Rican attack. He probably will play a more defensive role this World Cup so may chalk up a few assists.
Mooy is an energetic box to box midfielder whom the Australians will have to depend on heavily. He supports the attacks relentlessly and should be among the goal scorers.
At 6.5, there is no more gifted midfielder than Kagawa. He is the life of the Japanese team and a driving force in their attack. The Japanese are bereft of international quality in attack but you know that they give everything in every game so I reckon they may pick up at least a point or two.
If you only have 6.0 in the bank then Eleny is a good fifth midfielder to have. He is sure to start all the games and as a deep lying midfielder he does push forward at times. The Egyptians have a very winnable game against the Saudis and with Mohamed Salah massively over-priced, you can pin your Egyptian hopes on Eleny.




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