FF Titans’ Guide to FIFA World Cup Fantasy: Boosters

We have already looked at the overall gameplay of FIFA World Cup Fantasy and here we drill a little deeper to look at Boosters. Known to FPL managers as ‘chips’, there are two boosters available to FIFA World Cup Fantasy managers. 



Bench Boost: The points of all 15 players are counted for the Round in which this booster has been played. This card must be played prior to the start of the respective Round and it can be used only once during the tournament.

This booster is nothing new to FPL managers. Play this booster and 4 more players from your squad earns you points, rather than just the starting XI.

The obvious key to utilising this booster is to use it on a gameweek when you are sure that all your 15 players are going to play. This is of course easier said than done so we will re-phrase to advise that you use it on a gameweek when all of your 15 players are most likely to play.

  • The worst gameweek to use this booster is GW3. GW3 is the last round of the Group Stages and we know that by then, there would have been teams that have secured qualification or have already been eliminated. GW3 is the time for coaches to make changes to their line-ups to rest key players OR let youngsters come in. Guessing the starting XI for this GW is a nightmare and best to avoid.
  • The second worst gameweek to use this booster is GW1. We can all deep-dive into all available team news and injury updates but truth be told, there will always be surprises when teams line up for their first match of the World Cup.

That said, we will advise playing this booster in GW4 – the round of 16 matches. There will be 8 games this game week and you would have been given a “wildcard” of sorts prior to the GW4, enabling you to bring in a fresh set of 15 players. After watching (hopefully all of) 48 Group Stage games, you should have a fairly decent idea how the teams will line up for the first knock-out game. Every team will play their strongest squad and there is no need to worry about rested players.

Maximum Captain: This booster automatically makes the highest scoring player from your final playing 11 as the captain. This booster must be played prior to the start of the respective Round and it can be used only once during the tournament.

This booster concept is rather fresh to FPL managers, who are more used to the “Triple Captain” chip. The utilisation of this booster eases the stress of having to pick a captain for the gameweek.

There appear to be no obvious gameweek to utilise this booster but the later stages (GW5-GW7) appear to be a poorer choice given that games in the latter stages are typically between more evenly matched teams and are likely to be cagey affairs (hence lesser goals).

We would actually advise to use this booster in GW3 for reasons stated above – it is unpredictable and goals can flow when things matter more or when they don’t matter at all. Having your captain picked automatically eases the need to second guess how teams will start in their final Group Stage.

Combination of boosters

In FPL, no two chips can be utilised in the same gameweek but there appear to be no such restrictions in this game (since there are only 7 GWs?). Playing both boosters on GW4 appear to be a viable play.

Overall, it is almost definitely worthwhile to utilise both boosters neither too late or too early.







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