FF Titan Strategies – Utilization of Chips

With 7 gameweeks to go, the FPL season is at the home stretch. Just like the actual title race, this is the time when titles are won … and lost. This is a crucial juncture for FPL, whether you still have your four chips left (WC | TC |FH | BB). Use them well and it will help your team surge up the ranks – otherwise expect the lack of progression. A quick note here is to remember that no two chips can be used in the same GW.

Firstly, let’s have a good look at the next 7 GW and what they bring to the table:

  • GW32: DGW for ARS | NEW | WOL | MNU | CHE | BRI | TOT | CRY | MCI | CAR | WAT| FUL
  • GW33: Short GW, no games for | WOL | MNU | TOT | MCI | CAR | WAT | FUL |BRI
  • GW34: DGW for | BRI | CAR
  • GW35: DGW for | SOU | BRI | ARS | MNU | WOL | TOT | MCI | WAT
  • GW36: Business-as-usual
  • GW37: Business-as-usual
  • GW38: Business-as-usual



GW32 – if you are already tuned up for this GW in terms of DGW players then great, it will be an opportunity to utilise BB or TC but we are assuming that if you still have your FH with you, your GW31 would have been decent meaning that your GW32 will be lacking DGW players. This has to be the GW to use your FH if you still have it, the largest GW of the entire seasons is calling out managers to flood their teams with DGW players.

GW33 – Eight teams that have fixtures in GW31 also have fixtures in GW33 –> | BOU | NEW | BUR | LEI | WHM | HUD | LIV | EVE |, explained by their early exits in the FA CUP. After your FH in GW32, you would revert to your GW31 with 1 FT, setting yourself nicely up for this GW. |CRY | ARS| are the two teams to play in GW33 only so use your FT wisely here.

GW34: Just | BRI | CAR| plays a DGW here and since this GW is the perfect week to use your second WC of the season. The focus should be maximising your |BRI| players since they also play a DGW in GW35. However, with four GW to go after this point, ensure that you set yourself up for a season ending squad, keeping out players from teams with lesser fixtures and nothing to play for in the Premier League. Special attention also should be given to keep players from teams with European and FA Cup commitments still to fulfil (read: |FUL| HUD| EVE | CRY |WOL|CHE)

GW35: After bumper GW with 14 fixtures; 8 teams on DGW. If you are well set up in GW34, this is the team to utilise your BB. Try to ensure you have 15 players all involved in DGWs and the BB chip will be well utilised here.

GW36-38: If you follow the below strategy, you would still have your TC chip. There isn’t a obvious formula here but |LIV| MCI| both have winnable fixtures and should the title race go down the wire, we would think Mo Salah / Mane / Aguero make instant picks for TC any of the GWs.


What is your strategy? Share it with us! Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us

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