Fantasy Premier League

Read up on all our prematch fantasy picks and post match reviews related to the Fantasy Premier League game.

    Fantasy Premier League | GW02 - Assessing the budget buys

    It was an atypical weekend in the FPL on GW01, as the big guns faltered slightly and a swathe of reasonably priced players stole the limelight with eye-catching performances. It will be human nature to jump in and transfer the above-mentioned players into your squads asap but don't jump blindly! Read through as we assessed whether it is a good idea or not to bring them in.

    We will provide our verdict of BUY NOW | MAYBE | NO GO to some of these top performing players for GW01.

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    Fantasy Premier League | GW01

     The new season is finally upon us with less than a week to go. The first squad is always the hardest to choose, and it is all the more difficult following a World Cup.

    With that, here are our recommendations, as well as some alternatives at about the same price range.  

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    FF Titan Spotlight: Top FPL transfers of the summer

    As we speak, we are still a few days away for some last minute transfers waiting to be announced, but with not much time left to the first game of the season, we look at the best transfer buys thus far this season that you could select for your FPL team.

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    FF Titan Spotlight: Premier League Promoted Sides

    With less than a week to go to the start of Fantasy Premier League, you should already have a killer team name and have a broad idea of some general points to look out for when picking your GW1 squad. Here, we take a deeper dive into the three promoted sides of the 2018/19 Premier League and showcase a few players whom we think may make the difference.


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    5 Things to consider for your GW1 squad

    Choosing a solid GW1 is by far the most important step for a good Fantasy Premier League season. A good start will blast your team to early successes and build leads that will literally take weeks for your rivals to surpass. If there is just a few days in a season which you will like to focus entirely on FPL, we believe it is over the next week.

    We will make specific player picks later on but here we focus on 5 overall things which you may want to consider before selecting your GW1 15.

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    Top Fantasy PL Team Names

    It's time of the year again when the Premier League season is just round the corner (but not yet) and the FPL is open for selection. It probably makes sense now to learn and scout a few players then settle on a GW1 squad sometime just before the deadline (10th Aug).

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    Fantasy Premier League | GW38

    The final weekend of the FPL season. Whether you are defending your lead or playing catch up, the time has come to select your final squad. The top 4 competition is now between Liverpool and Chelsea whereas the relegation battle is all but over with Southamption surviving at the expense of Swansea.  

    With that, here are our final recommendations for what has been a pulsating season.  

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    Fantasy Premier League | GW37

    The second double gameweek bonanza is also the penultimate weekend of the 2017/18 Premier League season. We expect FPL managers to be in one of three situations by this time of the season - 1) defending a lead at the top of the table 2) part of the chasing part 3) fallen way behind.

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    Fantasy Premier League | GW36

    This week’s article is brought to you by FF Physio. If you still have your Wildcard in GW36, there is a high chance that you are quite screwed up in your league. BUT in the event that you aren’t and you are still challenging well, it’s probably the last chance for you to use it this week. Well…. You can still save it for GW37 where a handful of teams are having a double gameweek.

    But if you still have your Bench Boost or Triple Captain chips left, we recommend using your Wildcard this week to bring in those players who are likely to play both games and using those 2 other chips next week to maximize your returns.


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    Fantasy Premier League | GW35 (FH)

    This is a shorter game week with only 12 teams participating and some other teams involved in FA cup action. Given also the congestion of fixtures in the past couple of weeks, it's also fair to say that you have to be wary of any squad rotation that might be taking place. We focus more on teams that have something to fight for as it is more likely that they will field their strongest squad to try to achieve their targets. Given the shorter list of games, we will also recommend those that have not utilised their Free Hit option to exercise that this week as they can then pick a new squad just to accommodate this week's fixtures and revert to the norm from next week onwards.  


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