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8 weeks have gone by and we are getting much more information as to which players to build our squad around. Rob Elliot, Phil Jones, David Silva, Pascal Gross, Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane seems to be season keepers. Hence, if you are thinking of playing your wildcard, here is a squad we have come up with at a budget of 100.5m.



  1. Fabianski, Lukasz (SWA, 4.6m) – He has a nice run of fixtures and leads the league with saves made.
  2. Elliot, Rob (NEW, 4.1m) – He remains the cheapest goalkeeper that is guaranteed to start every game.


  1. Jones, Phil (MUN, 5.2m) – The cheapest option to get into the Manchester United defence.
  2. Otamendi, Nicholas (MCI, 5.7m) – Manchester City is looking more solid in defence this season and he possess a goal threat.
  3. Mee, Ben (BUR, 4.5m) – A good budget buy for a defensively solid team.
  4. Van Dijk, Vergil (SOU, 5.4m) – If your budget allows, he is the pick among the Southampton defenders. Else, you can consider Yoshida or Cedric.
  5. Daniels, Charlie (BOU, 4.9m) – He loves to attack and can get attacking returns together with the occasional clean sheet points.


  1. Silva, David (MCI, 8.5m) – Captaining his side, he looks most assured of his starting place.
  2. Sterling, Raheem (MCI, 8.1m) – With Manchester City attacking form, he is justifying his selection together with Silva.
  3. Gross, Pascal (BRI, 5.7m) – He looks the go to option at this price range.
  4. Coutinho, Philippe (LIV, 9.0m) – The main creative spark for Liverpool.
  5. Carroll, Tom (SWA, 4.5m) – If you want a cheap midfielder for your bench who can come in when the regulars do not play, Carroll is your man.


  1. Lukaku, Romelu (MUN, 11.8m) – Jesus has the more favourable fixtures but the return of Aguero leads us to go for the most popular player in FPL.
  2. Kane, Harry (TOT, 12.8m) – His struggle at home baffles people but he is so explosive that he will almost be considered for the captaincy week in week out.
  3. Abraham, Tammy (SWA, 5.7m) – 4 goals in 8 games, choosing him frees up money to invest in defence and midfield.


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