Fantasy Premier League | GW38

The final weekend of the FPL season. Whether you are defending your lead or playing catch up, the time has come to select your final squad. The top 4 competition is now between Liverpool and Chelsea whereas the relegation battle is all but over with Southamption surviving at the expense of Swansea.  

With that, here are our final recommendations for what has been a pulsating season.  



  1. Karius, Loris (LIV, 4.9m, TSB 1.6%) – Despite the odd lapse in concentration, he has done brilliantly since becoming No. 1 and reminds me of a young David De Gea.
  2. Lloris, Hugo (TOT, 5.5m, TSB 9.2%) – Tottenham will want to end the season on a high as they look to move to their new stadium next season.
  3. McCarthy, Alex (SOU, 4.4m, TSB 0.8%) – Could be a great differential if he can combine the likely save points with a clean sheet against the league champions.


  1. Robertson, Andrew (LIV, 5.0m, TSB 7.2%) – Perhaps the best left back in 2018, he provides an attacking outlet down the left.
  2. Van Dijk, Virgil (LIV, 5.7m, TSB 7.0%) – The world’s most expensive defender, this would be the optimal time to score and keep a clean sheet.
  3. Alonso, Marcos (CHE, 7.1m, TSB 15.9%) – If you have the cash, go for Alonso who can score and have a decent chance of a clean sheet.
  4. Lowton, Matthew (BUR, 4.4m, TSB 4.9%) – Playing in the 5th best defence in the league, he or any of the Burnley defenders would be a good choice.


  1. Salah, Mohamed (LIV, 10.4m, TSB 54.4%) – He knows the Golden Boot is near and will want to score in this last game to top it off.
  2. Eriksen, Christian (TOT, 9.7m, 19.8%) – Leicester has been on a slippery slide for a long time and he can profit from it.
  3. Hazard, Eden (CHE, 10.5m, TSB 6.5%) – Chelsea still has a slim chance of getting Top 4 and he will be raring to play after being on the bench for the last game.
  4. Zaha, Wilfried (CRY, 7.0m, TSB 8.3%) – In impressive form and the player who saved Palace from relegation.
  5. Gudmundsson, Johann Berg (BUR, 5.0m, TSB 1.7%) – A left field pick who can help Burnley end their season on a high.


  1. Kane, Harry (TOT, 13.1m, TSB 37.5%) – Still in the hunt despite an indifferent season, he will need to score big to catch Salah for the Golden Boot.
  2. Ayew, Jordan (SWA, 5.4m, TSB 9.0%) – He is on penalties and Swansea has to score if they want to stave off relegation. This could be an open, attacking game with lots of goals.
  3. Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick (ARS, 10.7m, TSB 12.1%) – He has shown his goal scoring prowess and can be a differential captain pick.
  4. Firmino, Roberto (LIV, 9.4m, TSB 34.9%) – Brighton are poor away from home and he could be among the goals as Liverpool chase a Top 4 finish.




Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us. You can send in your squad and ask for feedback. We would even welcome anyone who thinks they are good enough to challenge us.

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