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This week’s article is brought to you by FF Physio. If you still have your Wildcard in GW36, there is a high chance that you are quite screwed up in your league. BUT in the event that you aren’t and you are still challenging well, it’s probably the last chance for you to use it this week. Well…. You can still save it for GW37 where a handful of teams are having a double gameweek.

But if you still have your Bench Boost or Triple Captain chips left, we recommend using your Wildcard this week to bring in those players who are likely to play both games and using those 2 other chips next week to maximize your returns.



Teams with Double GW:

  • Manchester City – Already Champions, playing to break records.
  • Manchester United – Champions League looked secured. FA cup final to play for.
  • Tottenham Hotspurs – Looking to secure Champions League spot.
  • Chelsea – Still fighting for Champions League spot but with FA cup final to play for.
  • Arsenal – Europa League will be priority.
  • Leicester – Nothing much to fight for.
  • Newcastle – Survival looks secured. Nothing much to fight for.
  • Brighton – Might still be fighting for survival.
  • West Ham – Might still be fighting for survival.
  • Huddersfield – Might still be fighting for survival.
  • Swansea – Might still be fighting for survival.
  • Southampton – Might still be fighting for survival.



  1. Lloris, Hugo (TOT, 5.4m)– Most likely to play all the remaining games and get Clean Sheets.
  2. McCarthy, Alex (SOU, 4.4m) – Easier fixtures to negotiate for GW36 & 37 compared to the other teams having double GW.
  3. Pereira, Joel (MUN, 3.9m) – Cheapest out there and with a remote chance to get a game. Pick him as your second GK if you want to save the money for use in other departments.




  1. Laporte, Aymeric (MCI, 5.1m)– Likely to start all the remaining games for City given that he’s fit and will need the games to secure his Premier League medal.
  2. Zanka (HUD, 4.5m) – Likely to play all remaining games. Value for money.
  3. Naughton, Kylie (SWA, 4.6m) – Likely to play all remaining games. Value for money.
  4. Cresswell, Aaron (WHU, 4.9m) – Likely to play all remaining games. Value for money. One of the defenders with the highest number of assists in the league.
  5. Duffy, Shane (BHA, 4.6m)/ Dunk, Lewis (BHA, 4.5m) – Likely to play all remaining games. Value for money.
  6. Vertonghen, Jan (TOT, 6.0m) – Should play remaining games and good chance of Clean Sheets.
  7. Azpilicueta, Cesar (CHE, 6.9m) – Likeliest of Chelsea defender to play all remaining games but still a small chance he could be rested in the Double GW.




  1. Gross, Pascal (BHA, 6.0m)– Definitely a good pick. Good value for money and should start all games.
  2. Mooy, Aaron (HUD, 5.2m)– Should start remaining games. Value for money.
  3. Eriksen, Christian (TOT, 9.5m)– Should start remaining games. Even if Spurs manage to secure Champions League, I think Pochettino will want to finish the season on a high.
  4. Alli, Dele (TOT, 9.0m)– Same as Eriksen.
  5. Hazard, Eden (CHE, 10.5m)– Very small chance he might be rested and won’t play in all games.
  6. Arnautovic, Marko (WHU, 7.0m)– Definitely starter when fit and midfielder playing as a striker. A must have.
  7. Tadic, Dusan (SOU, 6.2m)– Southampton will need him to play and play well indeed if they are to win games and have any chance of survival.
  8. Izquierdo, Jose (BHA, 5.9m)– Decent form lately and cheap buy.
  9. Noble, Mark (WHU, 5.3m)– Sure starter and on penalty duties.
  10. Lanzini, Manuel (WHU, 6.6m)– Sure starter when fit.



  1. Jesus, Gabriel (MCI, 10.2m)– He should start for the remaining games for City given that Aguero is out injured.
  2. Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick (ARS, 10.8m)– With the Europa League Semi-Finals coming up, I can’t imagine him being dropped from the league games. But you might want to take him next week since Arsenal are away to Man United this GW.
  3. Kane, Harry (TOT, 12.8m) – He would be a good choice for your captain or even a Triple Captain during the Double Gameweek.
  4. Ayew, Jordan (SWA, 5.3m) – If you are short on your budget, Ayew would make a value pick.



Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us. You can send in your squad and ask for feedback. We would even welcome anyone who thinks they are good enough to challenge us.


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