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This week’s article is brought to you by FF Physio. With the fixture rescheduling, some teams will not be playing in the coming weeks and they will have double gameweeks in other weeks. You will need to plan your squad around these, especially if you do not have your Free Hit chip left. The season is also coming to a close so your squad should be planned around the remaining fixtures. On top of that, many FPL managers will also be looking to use their remaining chips like the Bench Boost and Triple Captain. With these in mind, these are some of the players we would recommend, with the focus on players who are almost guaranteed to start every game.



Favoured teams:

  • Newcastle – Will not have further FA cup fixture disruptions. Only 2 remaining fixtures to the Big 6. Good recent form.
  • Leicester – Will not have further FA cup fixture disruptions. New manager should bring a breath of fresh air. Favourable fixtures until GW35.
  • Bournemouth – Will not have further FA cup fixture disruptions. After this GW against Man City, they will only have one remaining fixture to a Big 6 side.
  • West Ham – Next 4 fixtures are favourable, with none against the Big 6 and 3 at home.
  • Liverpool – Will not have further FA cup fixture disruptions. Despite recent blips, they are the league leaders on merit. Only 2 remaining fixtures to other Big 6 sides. However, they are still in the Champions League and it remains to be seen how far they can proceed in the competition.



  1. Dubravka (NEW) – 5.0m – Newcastle are usually solid at the back.
  2. Schmeichel (LEI) – 5.0m – We expect them to pick up with a new manager appointed.
  3. Allison (LIV) – 6.0m – Regardless of who they play, he has a good chance of shut out.




  1. Schar (NEW) – 4.7m – Solid at the back with the odd chance of a goal or assist amongst the Newcastle defenders
  2. Pereira (LEI) – 5.4m – We expect him to retain his position in the starting lineup despite a new manager. A bright spark in the Leicester defence with decent attacking contributions.
  3. Robertson (LIV) – 6.8m – The most consistent defender in the league in terms of FPL returns.




  1. Maddison (LEI) – 6.6m – The brightest spark in the Leicester midfield.
  2. Fraser (BOU) – 6.1m – Points return has faltered of late but he remains a good attacking threat. Inexpensive too.
  3. Anderson (WHU) – 7.2m – Form has dipped of late but he’s still West Ham’s most dangerous player from midfield.
  4. Salah (LIV) – 13.5m – Highest scoring player in FPL by a mile. A must have.
  5. Pogba (MUN) – 8.9m – At 8.9m, he’s a real bargain. Undroppable too.




  1. Rondon (NEW) – 5.9m – One of the most in form forwards right now. Value for money.
  2. Vardy (LEI) – 8.8m – The talisman of the Leicester attack.
  3. King (BOU) – 6.4m – Has done reasonably well in the absence of Wilson. On penalty duties.
  4. Kane (TOT) – 12.4m – One of the top candidates for Triple Captain. Pick him up before others rush in and push up his price.


Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us. You can send in your squad and ask for feedback. We would even welcome anyone who thinks they are good enough to challenge us.


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