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Gameweek 27 will only have 8 fixtures due to the League Cup Final. Looking further ahead, there will only be 5 fixtures in Gameweek 31. Therefore, our focus this week are teams who have favourable fixtures from Gameweek 27 to 31. We have identified 3 such teams, and looked into the Points Per Match (PPM) of players from these 3 teams.




Leicester – PAL, BHA, @WAT, FUL, @BUR

  1. Schmeichel (5.0m, PPM 3.3) – If you are looking for a keeper for the next 5 weeks, he could be worth a shot as Leicester has home games against Palace, Brighton and Fulham.
  2. Pereira (5.3m, PPM 4.4) – Among the defenders, Pereira looks the best option with 2 goals and 14 bonus points.
  3. Chilwell (5.0m, PPM 3.2) – It was a toss-up between Chilwell and Maguire but we opted for Chilwell as he is cheaper and offers about the same PPM.

None of the Leicester attackers seem to have guarantee of starts but if you need an attacker, options are Maddison (6.6m, PPM 3.6) and Vardy (8.8m, PPM 4.0). Gray (5.4m, PPM 2.6) could be a great differential if he can keeps his place in the starting lineup.


Newcastle – HUD, BUR, @WHU, EVE, @BOU

  1. Dubravka (5.0m, PPM 3.6) – Newcastle has a decent defence and their keeper could bring you good returns over the next 5 gameweeks.
  2. Lascelles (4.6m, PPM 2.9) – Lascelles scored 3 goals last season but has yet to open his account this season. He should start given that he is the captain of the team.
  3. Rondon (5.7m, PPM 4.0) – He has the highest PPM of the team with 6 goals and 3 assists.

Other options include Ritchie (5.8m, PPM 2.8) who is on most set pieces. If you are feeling adventurous, their record signing Almiron (6.0m, PPM 1.0) could be worth a pun.


West Ham – FUL, @MCI, NEW, @CAR, HUD

  1. Fabianski (4.7m, PPM 3.9) – He leads the league with 101 saves, although West Ham has only kept 4 clean sheet all season.
  2. Anderson (7.2m, PPM 4.7) – Probably the best dribbler in the league, he has scored 8 goals and provided 4 assists.
  3. Arnautovic (6.8m, PPM 4.4) – Arnautovic seemed an obvious choice with 7 goals and 3 assists but he has been injury prone this season.

A left field pick would be Rice (4.5m, PPM 2.6) who is playing in midfield and can benefit when West Ham gets the rare clean sheet.


Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us. You can send in your squad and ask for feedback. We would even welcome anyone who thinks they are good enough to challenge us.

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