Fantasy Premier League | GW13: Moneyball Wildcard

This week, we play a Moneyball Wildcard. The concept of Moneyball is popularised by a 2003 Michael Lewis book and lately made into a Brad Pitt film. The science behind Moneyball is of course ridiculously complex but for the purpose of this week’s wildcard FPL picks, we focus on one key stat not often investigated by FPL managers – FPL pts per Value ratio. 

There are some surprise picks here and the team is assembled at a low price of 88.7!


Goalkeepers – GKs typically have very high Pts per Value (PPV) ratios.

  1. Jonas Lössl (HUD, 4.6m) [Pts per Value (PPV) = 12.17] – At this ratio, Lossl boasts the second best return for the entire FPL game.
  2. De Gea, David (MUN, 5.8m) [(PPV) = 11.72] – Equally impressive is the United GK, despite his price.

Defenders – the player with highest PPV ratio is a defender

  1. Stephen Ward (BUR, 5.0m) [(PPV) = 12.20]– Ward is the third highest scoring defender so far and has the best ratio of any player in the game thus far. He is the most expensive Burnley defender but is well worth it.
  2. Mee, Ben (BUR, 4.6m) [(PPV) = 11.09]– Burnley defenders are high on this chart. Mee has an identical record as Lowton hence the same PPV.
  3. Lowton, Matthew (BUR, 4.6m)  [(PPV) = 11.09] – Only selected by 3.8% of the managers – definitely a differential.
  4. Azpilicueta, César (CHE, 6.8m) [(PPV) = 10.74]  – The Spaniard is currently the highest scoring defender in FPL
  5. Jones, Phil (MNU, 5.5m) [(PPV) = 10.73] – Jones is currently out of action but is a steal at his price.


  1. Gross, Pascal (BRI, 5.9m)  [(PPV) = 11.53] – The Brighton midfielder can score and can assist and is the top PPV midfielder.
  2. Doucouré, Abdoulaye (WAT, 5.4m) [(PPV) = 10.19]  – Doucoure is often overlooked but has superb value at his price.
  3. Richarlison (WAT, 6.5m) [(PPV) = 10.15]  – A FPL revelation so far this season.
  4. Fernandinho (MCI, 5.2m) [(PPV) = 9.62] – Not the most popular of City midfielders to choose from but he has started every game so far and has ridiculously good value.
  5. Surman, Andrew (BOU, 4.7m)  [(PPV) = 9.57] – Like Fernandinho, not a popular pick among the FPL managers but at 4.7m, Surman is a must have for a midfielder that is cheaper than 5.0m.

Forwards – Typically have lower PPV as they are usually the most expensive

  1. Abraham, Tammy (SWA, 6.0m)  [(PPV) = 8.33] – The 10th highest scoring forward has the highest PPV for a forward.
  2. Morata, Alvaro (CHE, 10.5m) [(PPV) = 6.86]  – The ONLY player >10.0m to make this team. Looks like a more worthy investment than Kane and Lukaku
  3. Rashford, Marcus (MNU, 7.6m) [(PPV) = 6.58]  – Rashford has accumulated only 20pts less than Lukaku and is priced at 2/3 the Belgian.


Uncertain about your squad? Or maybe you would like your squad to be rated? Just post your provincial squad in the comments and The Titan will try his best to advise and answer all your queries.


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