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This week’s article is brought to you by FF Physio. This time round it’s all about stats again but we will be looking at something within FPL itself instead of the fixtures for this week. Today we’ll be focusing on the Value (Season) in FPL and picking out players who give you the most FPL points per pound value (FPL TOTAL SCORE / VALUE).




  1. Ryan, Matthew (BHA) – Price 4.5M. VS Score 10.0. He’s one of the cheapest GKs in the game marshalling one of the most defensive teams in the league. He gets the occasional CS and rakes in points for saves as well.
  2. Ederson (MCI) – Price 5.7M. VS Score 10.0. For the current champions, attack is the best form of defence. He may be expensive and won’t get you many points for saves, but you can bet on him getting you a CS almost every other game.
  3. Patricio, Rui (WOL) – Price 4.6M. VS Score 9.6. Another cheap option. Wolves are quite solid as a unit and they haven’t conceded more than 2 goals in a single game this season. Even the current champions couldn’t get more than 1 past him.


  1. Doherty, Matt (WOL) – Price 4.9M. VS Score 10.6. His price has been inching up over the past few GWs but he’s still considered a cheap buy. Not only can he get the occasional CS, he gets you attacking points too.
  2. Alonso, Marcos (CHE) – Price 7.0M. VS Score 10.3. Veteran FPL managers should be familiar with this name. Clean Sheets, Free kick goals, Assists. You name it, he has it. His price tag should not deter you from putting him into your squad.
  3. Duffy, Shane (BHA) – 4.6M. VS Score 9.8. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a Brighton defender is in the list. Cheap and value for money and he scores goals too.
  4. Robertson, Andrew (LIV) – 6.4M. VS Score 8.9. His VS Score might be lower than the likes of Laporte and Cook but I picked him as he’s part of a Liverpool defence that is mean and he chips in with attacking points and Bonus Points too. Out of the 9 league games that he has started, he managed to earn BPs in 5 of them. My only concern is squad rotation, which happened last GW.
  5. Mendy, Benjamin (MCI) – Price 6.3M. VS Score 8.4. The list can’t be complete without a Man City defender. And he’s the best of the lot when it comes to attacking and bonus points. His VS score seems to be lower than some but that’s because he missed 3 of the 10 games this season.
  6. Wan-Bissaka, Aaron (CRY) – Price 4.3M. VS Score 7.7. Palace struggles at times but this young man is simply amazing. Palace managed 3 CS this season and he has managed the full 3 BPs in all of them. Best of all, he’s one of the cheapest defenders in the game who is playing regularly.



  1. Fraser, Ryan (BOU) – Price 6.1M. VS Score 10.2. He might not be the cheapest midfielder out there but he’s playing regularly and playing well this season. He already has 3 goals and 5 assists in 10 games. And you can count on Bournemouth to play attacking football and score goals
  2. Capoue, Etienne (WAT) – Price 5.1M. VS Score 7.6. One of the cheapest midfielders around who plays week in week out. He chips in with the odd goal and assist from time to time. And check out GW6, he managed to score 3 BPs without a goal or assist or CS!
  3. Sigurdsson, Gylfi (EVE) – Price 7.4M. VS Score 7.2. After a year in the doldrums last season, the man seems to be back to his best lately. Mid-range priced. Takes set pieces and penalties. He should be a good one to consider.
  4. Fernandinho (MCI) – Price 5.4M. VS Score 7.2. You might wonder why I have included him. He might not be the most attacking player in the City squad but he’s considered a mainstay. Pep does not rest him much in league games and he does contribute goals and assists every now and then.
  5. Hazard, Eden (CHE) – Price 11.3M. VS Score 6.6. He’s one of the most expensive midfielders in the game but he should be worth every penny. He’s simply on fire this season under Sarri and it looks like it could be his last at Stamford Bridge.
  6. Seri, Jean (FUL) – Price 5.4M. VS Score 6.5. At 5.4M, he’s another one of those cheap midfielders who’s playing regularly. Fulham are a very attacking team and there is a chance he will contribute attacking points every now and then. To date, he already has 1 goal, 2 assists and 6 BPs.
  7. Mane, Sadio (LIV) – Price 9.7M. VS Score 6.5. This list cannot be complete without a Liverpool player. The team is one of the most attacking teams in the league and you simply cannot ignore their front trio. Mane is the pick of the lot as he comes in much cheaper than Mane.




  1. Wilson, Callum (BOU) – Price 6.6M. VS Score 9.5. At 6.6M, he’s one of the cheapest and he’s averaging a goal every other game now. Definitely value for money.
  2. Mitrovic (FUL) – Price 6.9M. VS Score 7.0. Although Fulham are struggling at the moment, he’s been doing ok for them and he takes penalties too. At 6.9M, there aren’t too many out there who are comparable.
  3. Jimenez (WOL) – Price 5.7M. VS Score 6.7. At 5.7M, he’s one of the cheapest forwards around who plays regular football. Not to mention he has contributed 2 goals and 3 assists in the 10 games he has played this season.
  4. Arnautovic (WHU) – Price 7.0M. VS Score 5.4. The big man has been doing rather well this season, scoring 4 goals and contributing 1 assist in the 8 games he has started. Not a bad return for someone in his price range.
  5. Lacazette (ARS) – Price 9.8M. VS Score 5.3. Arsenal are doing rather well this season and are genuinely competing for a CL place. Aubameyang is the one hogging the headlines and banging in the goals lately but Auba seems to be rotated more often of late and Laca comes in at 1.1M cheaper. This season, Unai Emery seems to have built his attack with Laca as the permanent spearhead.



Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us. You can send in your squad and ask for feedback. We would even welcome anyone who thinks they are good enough to challenge us.


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