Fantasy Premier League | GW10 – Wildcard

For this gameweek, we have put together a Wildcard Team. With Liverpool playing Cardiff, we just have to get Salah in and build around him a mix of the form players this season and some budget buys. At market value, this team would cost 101.0m. So if you still have some money in the bank, you can consider upgrading Bednarek to Bennett or even Duffy.



  • Alisson (LIV, 5.6m, TSB 20.1%) – We expect Liverpool to rotate heavily in the coming weeks and he is a good bet to start all games.
  • Schofield (HUD, 4.0m, 0.1%) – You can take your pick from any 4.0m GKs. We choose him as he is only 0.1% owned, so hopefully will not fall in price.


  • Mendy (MCI, 6.3m, TSB 16.6%) – You would want a Man City defender and he gets our nod over Laporte for his attacking potential.
  • Alonso (CHE,7.0m, TSB 45.9%) – He has not provided any attacking returns recently but you never know when he is going to score 2 goals in one match.
  • Doherty (WOL, 4.8m, TSB 15.9%) – Playing as a wingback, he is the pick of the bunch among defenders priced 5.0m and below.
  • Lovren (LIV, 4.9m, TSB 2.2%) – We want to double up on Liverpool defence and he offers a cheaper option to do so ahead of Robertson.
  • Bednarek (SOU, 3.9m, TSB 4.2%) – Someone to sit on the bench and hopefully, there is no need to call upon him.


  • Salah (LIV, 12.8m, TSB 30.3%) – 3 goals in his last 2 games. He is the standout captaincy option for this week. He was also substituted 17 minutes before the end of the Champions League game, so his chances of starting against Cardiff looks very promising.
  • Maddison (LEI, 7.0, TSB 18.2%) – The creative spark for Leicester, who has a nice run of fixtures coming up.
  • Richarlison (EVE, 6.8m, TSB 25.4%) – He has only 1 goal in his last 4 games but Everton still has Brighton, Cardiff and Newcastle in their next 3 home games.
  • Camarasa (CAR, 4.5m, TSB 0.6%) – He looks the best choice at 4.5m, ahead of Hojbjerg.
  • Pereyra (WAT, 6.2m, 14.6%) – This midfielder would depend on what budget you have left but 4 goals in 9 games coupled with Watford playing Huddersfield, Newcastle and Southampton leads us to Pereyra.


  • Aguero (MCI, 11.3m, TSB 51.6%) – More than 50% of managers have him and he was even afforded an evening off in the last Champions League game.
  • Vardy (LEI, 9.0m, TSB 4.9%) – Retired from international football, takes penalties, and the main man for Leicester.
  • Mitrovic (FUL, 6.9m, TSB 26.5%) – The focal point for a Fulham side who only wants to play attacking football.



Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us. You can send in your squad and ask for feedback. We would even welcome anyone who thinks they are good enough to challenge us.


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