Fantasy Premier League | GW04 – Wild Card

This week’s article is brought to you by FF Red Devil. After 3 game weeks, there is much more clarity on the starting XI for the teams and the playing formations. Wildcard time? I bet it will be on the minds of many FPL managers. This week, we take a look at the possible wildcard squad based on ownership %. Although differential picks are crucial for overtaking your peers in the league, but owning key popular players is also a must to keep pace in the league. We take a look at the most popular 15 players currently with final suggestion of a wildcard squad





  • De Gea (24.2%, £6.0) – Man United defence is extremely leaky now, definitely not a great value considering the price. Suggest Hennessey (3.1%, £4.5) as second choice GK.
  • Ederson (22.3%, £5.6) – Definitely a must have as a good value first choice GK.





  • Alonso (32.7%, £6.7) – Considering the % ownership and attacking threat including set pieces, it is advisable to have him in your squad.
  • Mendy (32.7%, £6.3) – We believe the current top performers in the league all have him in the squad, definitely a must have.
  • Trippier (24.3%, £6.0) – Spurs is growing in confidence and he seems to have nailed down his starting spot. As a set piece specialist, we think he should be in your squad
  • Wan-Bissaka (21.8%, £4.1) – Low budget defenders will high chance of starting is essential in every FPL squad, look no further.
  • Robertson (20.8%, £6.0) – 3 clean sheets in 3 games, although tougher games in the horizon, we believe he is a value for money buy considering potential of clean sheets and attacking threat.



  • Salah (54.9%, £13.0) – It’s hard to decide on Salah. Although he is still delivering with goals and assists, the high price will have a big impact on the rest of the squad. We think having Mane will soften the impact of not having Salah and suggest Mkhitaryan (20.2%, £7.1) as alternative. Strongly believe he will come good in the next few games.
  • Mane (37.2%, £9.8) – A must have especially if you are without Salah, he is on a rich vein of form.
  • Richarlison (24.7%, £6.7) – A harsh red card and a suspension has left many fantasy managers considering to drop him. It’s time to jettison and pick his team mate Walcott (12.8%, £6.7) instead.
  • Neves (23.5%, £5.1) – Certainly the most value for money midfielder currently but we don’t think it will last. Suggest Westwood (1.8%, £4.5) as a low budget backup to release funds for other players.
  • Kante (22.9%, £5.0) – Can’t see any much potential except appearance and clean sheet points every week. We suggest to upgrade to Lucas Moura (7.9%, £7.1).




  • Aguero (48.2%, £11.3) – It’s a scary thought not to have him when nearly half the FPL managers have him. Definitely one of the captain choice week in week out. It is a no brainer to have him.
  • Zaha (32.4%, £7.0) – Almost guaranteed a goal every other game. At this price, he is a must have.
  • Firmino (29.3%, £9.5) – Tough games coming up and he is not exactly on red hot form. Suggest Arnautovic (18.1%, £7.0) as alternative. Very consistent player who is also on penalty duty.


Final Suggested Wildcard Squad

  • Hennessey (3.1%, £4.5)
  • Ederson (22.3%, £5.6)


  • Alonso (32.7%, £6.7)
  • Mendy (32.7%, £6.3)
  • Trippier (24.3%, £6.0)
  • Wan-Bissaka (21.8%, £4.1)
  • Robertson (20.8%, £6.1)


  • Mkhitaryan (20.2%, £7.1)
  • Mane (37.2%, £9.8)
  • Walcott (12.8%, £6.7)
  • Westwood (1.8%, £4.5)
  • Lucas Moura (7.9%, £7.1)


  • Aguero (48.2%, £11.3)
  • Zaha (32.4%, £7.0)
  • Arnautovic (18.1%, £7.0)

Total price: £99.8




Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us. You can send in your squad and ask for feedback. We would even welcome anyone who thinks they are good enough to challenge us.


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