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Game Week 27 will prove to be an interesting one as GW28 will only feature a handful of teams playing due to the FA cup. It has also been confirmed that Man City’s fixture against Stoke in GW28 will be moved to GW27 – making their players more worthwhile picks. You might even want to incur the 4 points penalty to take in a few more of their players. You might also want to plan ahead and pick a few players from the 8 teams that are playing in GW28 if you have already used up your wildcard.

GW27 features a few big games as well as tough fixtures for some of the bigger boys. We are inclined towards players from Leicester, Man City, WBA, Swansea and Man United while choosing to stay away from Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea players. Spurs are great at home but Everton aren’t pushovers so that’s a tricky one.


In goal, we offer 2 picks. If you can afford it, Lloris from Spurs would be a good pick at 5.5m. Spurs has the best home defence in the league and they have a good chance of getting another clean sheet.

If you prefer to splash the cash on your attacking players and scrim on your defensive ones, then we offer you Grant of Stoke. At 4.4m, he’s cheap and with a home against misfiring Boro, he would be a good alternative pick.

Caballero may be a logical pick too, giving you 2 chances at getting clean sheets. Moreover, he has had 2 clean sheets in the past 3 games and at 4.7m, he’s not overly expensive.



At FFTitan, our strategy has been to go for value for money rather than target the most expensive and highest scoring players. Hence, we would not hesitate to get in performing but expensive defenders if we think they offer more value per dollar spent compared to much more expensive midfielders and forwards.

Chelsea’s Alonso would definitely be top of our pick if you can afford him. He’s definitely expensive at 6.8m but he offers you points both in defence and attack. And Chelsea are defensively sound regardless of playing home or away.

By the same logic, we would go for Walker from Spurs too. He’s slightly cheaper at 6.4m and looks good for a clean sheet this week too.

Pep is quite a tinkerman so it’s hard to tell who would be a definite starter for him right now. However, I would take a gamble and go with Stones this GW. He has played the last 3 consecutive games and there is a good chance he will get to play in at least one of the 2 games, if not both. Man City has a decent chance at a clean sheet in both games and at 4.7m, he won’t put a big dent in your budget.

Next, we have Brunt of WBA in our pick of the week. WBA has been in great form at home this season and he takes set pieces for them so there is chance he can get you a goal, assist or a clean sheet. And at 5.1m, he’s not overly expensive too.

Lastly, we have Fuchs of Leicester. They had a great win against Liverpool in their last game and might have turned the corner after the departure of Ranieri. Hull is rather shot shy away from home and hasn’t scored many throughout the season. They might also look at this game as a massive 6 pointer and would keep it tight at the back than risk too much forward. They simply can’t afford to lose to one of their relegation rivals right now. Although Morgan is 0.5m cheaper, we would rather go for Fuchs as he’s on set piece duty too and worth the gamble at 5.2m.

Alternatives: If you are unable to accommodate Man city players due to the quota, then we suggest Pieters of Stoke City as a good alternative. Decently priced at 4.6m, Stoke might get a clean sheet playing at home against a Boro team that has scored one of the least goals in the league this season.

Mawson of Swansea might also be a good choice. At 4.5m, he’s cheap and the Swans are playing at home against a Burnley side that find it hard to score away from Turf Moor.



It might surprise some people but Man City’s Sterling would be the first pick in my list. At 7.8m, he’s one of the cheapest midfielders with a decent PPM. He’s also almost certain to start both games since he’s one of 2 players, together with De Bruyne, who have started the most number of games for City this term. His form has been decent too.

But if you have extra cash to splash, you can consider De Bruyne too at 10.5m. He also looks almost certain to start both games and when he’s on fire, he will easily get you over 10 points in a single game. With twice the chance of that happening this week, he might be worth the risk.

In the current Man Utd midfield, Pogba & Herrera would probably be the only confirmed starters for Mourinho. At 8.3m, we back the former to repay part of his 89m summer transfer fee this GW. He’s good for a goal or assist every few games. He has hit the woodwork so many times already this season, it’s high time his luck changed! We back him to finally score a free-kick this weekend or come up with a MOTM performance.

For Swansea, all good things involve Sigurdsson. If they are to survive the relegation fight this weekend, he must stay injury free and keep them firing. We consider him a bargain at 7.6m, especially when they have a home game against Burnley. Need we say more? Moreover, the Swans are one of those teams who still have a game in GW28 if you are looking ahead.

Although Spurs face a tough game against Everton, they are still playing at home, where they have been in scintillating form this season, having already beaten Man City and league leaders Chelsea. I wouldn’t back against Eriksen delivering the goods again this week with either a goal or an assist or even bonus points. But he doesn’t come cheap at 8.7m so he’s still considered somewhat a gamble.


Alternatives: Phillips of WBA is another player we would love to have in the team. At only 5.7m and taking set pieces, he is definitely value for money for a home game against relegation threatened Crystal Palace. The only apprehension we have is that he’s doubtful for the game with a hamstring strain. More news later in the week might help us make a more informed decision. If Phillips is out, you can consider Morrison too. He’s been in great form with 2 goals and 1 assist in his last 4 games and he comes cheap at 4.7m.

Although we recommended at the beginning that you stay away from Liverpool players this GW, it’s important to note that they have a game next GW while most other teams don’t. If you are without your wildcard, you might want to plan for next week as well. We recommend Milner at 6.5m. or Coutinho at 8.2m this GW. The former chips in with an assist or penalty from time to time, not to mention some free kicks too. Note that Arsenal has given away one of the highest number of penalties this season. On the other hand, Coutinho takes free kicks too, and he has already scored one against Arsenal at the start of the season.  And who knows, perhaps his goal in the last game might kick start his season again?

These players might not be good picks for this week alone but if you are looking to plan for GW28 as well, we recommend that you cast your eye on Stanislas of Bournemouth at 5.0m & Snodgrass of West Ham at 5.8m. Both of them takes set pieces for their teams so there is always a chance they can get you some points from there. And both of them come cheap!



With Jesus out of the picture, Aguero of Man City would definitely be the pick of the week, even with his hefty price tag of 12.7m. We back him to regain his goalscoring form and get at least 3 goals in the 2 games this GW. No reason why we wouldn’t captain him, or even consider using our Triple Captain chip on him.

Man Utd’s Zlatan would definitely be another forward we would love to have in the team. He doesn’t come cheap at 11.5m but he has been in superb form lately, topping it off with his brace & MOTM performance in the EFL Final last weekend. Moreover, Bournemouth has been in a downward spiral of late and they can’t stop conceding goals.

Ah… Harry Kane, the man of the moment for Spurs. He has already had 3 hat tricks in the last 9 games! We would be fools to completely overlook him. But having said that, he’s expensive at 11.3m. Can he really get another hat trick this GW?


Alternatives: How about Gabbiadini of Southampton at 6.6m? He’s one of the cheapest forwards you can find in the game at the moment and he’s been in great form since he’s arrived in England. And 2 goals against Man Utd in a cup final isn’t something many people can put down in their CV.

Again if you are planning ahead for GW28 too, we recommend that you consider Carroll of West Ham at 6.2m. However, at the moment, he looks to be in doubt for this GW so look out for more news for this one.


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