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The ‘Free Hit’ Squad

For GW7, it is daunting if you don’t have the key assets from Manchester United when you know that bottom club Crystal Palace visits Old Trafford. Luckily, the introduction of the ‘Free Hit’ chip this season could become your savior as it allows you to make unlimited changes without taking a hit. This chip is  also useful if you think your current squad is good for the subsequent weeks except this week. With this in mind, we have put together a ‘Free Hit’ team which comes in at a total budget of just over 100m.  



  1. Cech, Petr (ARS, 5.5m) – Playing at home to Brighton who will be delighted if they can come away with a nil-nil draw.
  2. Elliot, Rob (NEW, 4.1m) – The cheapest cover for a starting goalkeeper in case Cech doesn’t play this week.


  1. Jones, Phil (MUN, 5.2m) – The cheapest option to get into the Manchester United defence.
  2. Kolasinac, Sead (ARS, 6.0m) – An Arsenal defender who loves to join in the attack.
  3. Reid, Winston (WHU, 4.9m) – Has a good chance of a clean sheet as well as a goal threat.
  4. Mbemba, (NEW, 4.0m) – More as a cover in case any of the above 3 starting defenders does not play.
  5. Humemeier, (BHA, 3.9m) – Purely a place holder to free up funds for other areas of the team.


  1. Mkhitaryan, Henrikh (MUN, 8.5m) – The main creative force and in good form with goals in his last 2 games for Manchester United.
  2. Alli, Dele (TOT, 9.5m) – A toss-up between him and Eriksen, we went with Alli as he is cheaper by 0.2m.
  3. Ramsey, Aaron (ARS, 7.0m) – He looked threatening in his last home game and at a great price to take a punt.
  4. Ritchie, Matt (NEW, 6.0m) – He crosses the ball well and faces a Liverpool side who cannot defend set pieces.
  5. King, Andy (LEI, 4.4m) – Another place holder.


  1. Lukaku, Romelu (MUN, 11.7m) – His hunger to go for the golden boot and ability to bully lesser teams makes him almost essential for this game week.
  2. Kane, Harry (TOT, 12.5m) – 4 goals in his last 2 away games persuaded us to put him into this ‘Free Hit’ team.
  3. Chicharito (WHU, 7.0m) – We think he is the best choice in the 7.0m range to fit into our budget.




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