Fantasy Picks

Fantasy Football Titan is pleased to be covering 3 different fantasy football games this season. Please go into the subsections of the page to read up on prematch fantasy picks related to each of them.

This section covers generic fantasy football related articles as well as other fantasy football games covered by us in the past.

    World Cup Fantasy: When to use Boosters and Wildcard

    At time of writing the World Cup Fantasy is well into GW2. There are two boosters and one wildcard in this game and with only a total of 7 GWs, we look at when best it is to utilise them.

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    World Cup Fantasy: Things we learn from GW1

    After 16 Group Stage games, everyone have had opportunities to analyse all the teams and have a first look at the tactics and starting XI of the teams. Before we make transfers for GW2, we take a look at the first 6 Groups (A-F). Unfortunately there is just a very short window between the end of GW1 to the close of the GW2 transfer window (1hr) so we advise you to make changes early!

    We run through the groups and make some generic picks for the World Cup Fantasy.

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    FIFA World Cup Fantasy: Potential Pitfalls

    By and large, the FIFA World Cup Fantasy game shares the same skeleton as that of Fantasy Premier League, which is a big plus as there is not much understanding to do for FPL managers. There are, however, nuances in this game and here we look at some potential pitfalls which you may want to avoid. 

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    FIFA World Cup Fantasy: The Forwards

    Forwards score the goals and are likely to be the priciest asset in your team. They also make viable captains so choose wisely. 

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    FIFA World Cup Fantasy: 9 Midfielders to select from

    We have looked at defenders and goalkeepers in our previous pieces and we look at midfielders here. There are five midfield slots to be filled and given their values, this is an area where most of your budget will be spent so it makes sense to spend a fair bit of attention on picking on your midfielders. 

    Broadly speaking, there are three categories of pricing in midfield:

    • More than 8.5 - at this price range you find the who's who of midfielders, players who are playmakers, wingers and potential goalscorers for top teams in the World Cup
    • 6.5 to 8.0 - A wide array of players are in this price buckets, including less attacking midfielders of top tier teams and a handful of top names in mid-tier sides
    • 6.0 and cheaper - players in this range are either attacking midfielders of lower tier sides or defensive midfielders.

    As a rule of thumb, always go for midfielders with goal scoring potential, even if they play for unfancied teams. It's quite pointless to pick defensive midfielders who rarely even attack.

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    FIFA World Cup Fantasy: 10 Defenders to Pick From

    We have looked at the GKs and we move up the formation to look at defenders to choose from. Naturally, two factors come into play - possibility to keep clean sheets and ability to score / assist.

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    FIFA World Cup Fantasy: 5 Goalkeepers to watch

    Goalkeepers can make or break good Fantasy teams. Like in FPL, we typically prefer not to ever spend more than 10.0 on goalkeepers. The concept is simple - goalkeepers score big with clean sheets but that is sometimes a little bit of a gamble. It is always harder to predict a clean sheet than to predict goals, hence we prefer freeing up cash for other departments.

    In Fantasy World Cup, David de Gea is the only GK priced a 6.5 and the cheapest GKs are priced at 4.0. With this in mind, we will look at 5 GKs that have caught our eyes.

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    FF Titans' Guide to FIFA World Cup Fantasy: Boosters

    We have already looked at the overall gameplay of FIFA World Cup Fantasy and here we drill a little deeper to look at Boosters. Known to FPL managers as 'chips', there are two boosters available to FIFA World Cup Fantasy managers. 


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    FF Titans' Guide to FIFA World Cup Fantasy

    The FIFA World Cup Fantasy game is finally here with days to go to the opening game and this summer, we are FF Titans will be fully committed to run coverage throughout the 30 days of action with our picks and advices. 

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    Fantasy Premier League | GW38

    The final weekend of the FPL season. Whether you are defending your lead or playing catch up, the time has come to select your final squad. The top 4 competition is now between Liverpool and Chelsea whereas the relegation battle is all but over with Southamption surviving at the expense of Swansea.  

    With that, here are our final recommendations for what has been a pulsating season.  

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