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Fantasy Football Titan is pleased to be covering 3 different fantasy football games this season. Please go into the subsections of the page to read up on prematch fantasy picks related to each of them.

This section covers generic fantasy football related articles as well as other fantasy football games covered by us in the past.

    Fantasy Premier League | GW09 - 8 Players to Consider

    As we roll into GW09, the question of whether to use the wildcard will weigh heavily on managers who have yet to play it. Note that the first wildcard is available only until 29th December (GW19) hence it might be a good time to play that wildcard and invest in some players with favourable fixtures in the coming weeks. Should you choose to do so, this will give you some guidance on the essentials you need to consider for players in each position. A premium and a non-premium recommendation for each position hopefully will make your choices easier.

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    FPL Spotlight: Analysing Top FPL Players

    The second international break of the season has arrived, leaving us with 8 gameweeks of action and about 13 days of emptiness. We take a pit-stop this week and analyse some of the top FPL players to date and also check out some of the top FPL managers.


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    Fantasy Premier League | GW08: Most disappointing FPL players so far

    With 7 gameweeks behind us, all FPL managers should have a fair sense of the performing players whom they want in the lineups, be it in the Classic or Draft version of the game. This gameweek, we focus on something different - the players whom have disappointed thus far and we recommend what to do with them.


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    Fantasy Premier League | GW07 - Players outside the Top 6

    This week’s article is brought to you by FF Red Devil. With European games commitment, managers have started to rotate their squad for premier league fixtures. This week, we turn our attention to players not playing in European games. We assembled a squad with outlook of the next 3 games. We will see how this squad fares!


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    Fantasy Premier League | GW06 - Picks for next 3 GWs

    5 gameweeks have gone by and Liverpool and Chelsea are the 2 teams left with a 100% record. It is also interesting to note that Arsenal, Brighton, Everton, Fulham and West Ham are the 5 teams yet to record a clean sheet.

    This week, we look at the teams who have favourable fixtures in the next 3 gameweeks and recommend their players.

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    FPL Spotlight: The FPL Chips We Want (but will never get)

    If you are reading this we assume that you have a certain level of understanding of how Fantasy Premier League works so we will not further explain how the four current available chips in the game works. Triple Captain, Bench Boost, Free Hit and the Wildcard are all simple chips which managers can utilise once (or twice for wildcards) over the course of the season.

    We have, however, a full list of other chips in mind which we secretly hope to see FPL implement soon.

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    Fantasy Premier League | GW05 - Differential Picks

    This week’s article is brought to you by FF Hobbit. After the international break, it's back to the churn of the Premier League. The international break has probably given the managers a bit more time to work on their tactics as well as to bring some players back to full match fitness, so it is likely that there will be some changes to the starting lineups of the teams in the upcoming weeks. We look at the players you might consider bringing back to your fantasy squads this week as well as differential picks for this week. 


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    Fantasy Premier League | GW04 - Wild Card

    This week’s article is brought to you by FF Red Devil. After 3 game weeks, there is much more clarity on the starting XI for the teams and the playing formations. Wildcard time? I bet it will be on the minds of many FPL managers. This week, we take a look at the possible wildcard squad based on ownership %. Although differential picks are crucial for overtaking your peers in the league, but owning key popular players is also a must to keep pace in the league. We take a look at the most popular 15 players currently with final suggestion of a wildcard squad


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    Fantasy Premier League | GW03 - Stats Attack!

    This week’s article is brought to you by FF Physio and it’s all about stats. I’ll bring you the eye-catching figures for this week’s fixtures and you can decide for yourself how to make the best use of them.


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    Fantasy Premier League | GW02 - Assessing the budget buys

    It was an atypical weekend in the FPL on GW01, as the big guns faltered slightly and a swathe of reasonably priced players stole the limelight with eye-catching performances. It will be human nature to jump in and transfer the above-mentioned players into your squads asap but don't jump blindly! Read through as we assessed whether it is a good idea or not to bring them in.

    We will provide our verdict of BUY NOW | MAYBE | NO GO to some of these top performing players for GW01.

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