Fantasy Picks

Fantasy Football Titan is pleased to be covering 3 different fantasy football games this season. Please go into the subsections of the page to read up on prematch fantasy picks related to each of them.

This section covers generic fantasy football related articles as well as other fantasy football games covered by us in the past.

    Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW17

    It may feel like the title race is already over but it's fast and furious in terms of Premier League action, with the second set of mid-week fixtures in three weeks. Rotations remain the key concern for Perfect XI managers this round so we have tried to look out for players whom we think are un-droppable. The current top SIX in the Premier League all have winnable games, so perhaps it is about picking out which teams are likely to score more. 

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    Fantasy Premier League | GW16

    Gameweek 16 is the fifth game in 2 weeks for clubs playing in European competition, so as usual, the normal word of caution on squad rotation needs to be made. That said, with some teams having already qualified for Europe and with Gameweek 15 resting some players for Europe, it should be a bit more predictable to see which players will start for those clubs. We revert back this week to picking a full team of 15 players for you to choose from. 


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    Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW16

    With the European fixtures out of the way, the players can now focus on domestic games. The standout fixtures for this week is Tottenham vs Stoke, while Chelsea will also be confident when they visit West Ham. Liverpool is also in great form after scoring 15 goals in 3 games. Here are the players we are recommending for this week.  



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    Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW15

    2 games in a week is terrible. Squad rotations and substitutions only add to the uncertainty of picking your fantasy players. Checking the starting line-up becomes essential, which is almost impossible if you’re in a different time zone like me.


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    Fantasy Premier League | GW15

    Gameweek 15 is the third Premier League game in a week. Rotation risk looms and we have selected 3 players from each position that you can consider to transfer in.


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    Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW14

    Rotation could be key for the big clubs who are still involved in European competitions so do look out for the starting line-up during the match day. Our picks this game week mainly centres around 3 clubs who are in good form and have favourable home fixtures – Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City.


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    Fantasy Premier League | GW13: Moneyball Wildcard

    This week, we play a Moneyball Wildcard. The concept of Moneyball is popularised by a 2003 Michael Lewis book and lately made into a Brad Pitt film. The science behind Moneyball is of course ridiculously complex but for the purpose of this week's wildcard FPL picks, we focus on one key stat not often investigated by FPL managers - FPL pts per Value ratio. 

    There are some surprise picks here and the team is assembled at a low price of 88.7!


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    Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW13

    This week is a tough one to do picks on as there are too many mouth-watering  games and players to choose from. Nevertheless, we are committed to picking out the best players in Togga’s Perfect XI. In times like these, statistics might help us make the best choices.


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    Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW12

    Welcome back from the international break! This week our Fantasy Football pundits from the FF Titan community share their picks for the PXI squad. After 11 game weeks, FF Titan, FF Red Devil and FF Fly are sitting comfortably in the global ranking of the Top 100 PXI players. We are hoping for a high scoring London derby and big wins for Manchester United and Liverpool.


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    Fantasy Premier League | WC GW12

    If you have not used your wild card, then congratulations to you as you are probably doing quite well and haven’t had the need to perform surgery on your squad. Nonetheless, we have come up with a wild card squad for you to consider at a budget of 100.4m.

    We have gone top heavy with 3 pricey forwards instead of spreading the budget around. This offers us the flexibility in case we need to beef up on other areas. One major deficiency with this team would be the lack of Manchester City players, where their defenders are too expensive for our liking and their attacking players too prone to rotation. One possible solution to accommodate Manchester City players would be to drop Morata for Abraham and upgrade Choupo-Moting to De Bruyne.



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