Double Game week (GW22) : Which Chip to use

Every avid FPL manager will know that for the first time in a few seasons, there will be an unusual situation coming up – an early season double game week. In layman’s terms, a “double” game week refers to a game week where one or more team plays in more than one fixture. Simply put, if you have players from these teams with more than one fixture, you stand to gain more points. 

On GW22 (1 Jan – 5 Jan 2018), Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United will both play two games in a gameweek with 11 fixtures. For GW21, there will be just nine Premier League fixtures, with neither Spurs or the Hammers playing.


Here, we atlay out the several options in terms of chips available to FPL managers to maximise points in this GW.

Option 1: Wildcard (WC)

There are two wildcards available to all FPL managers throughout the season and the first of which MUST be played before GW21. This presents a very awkward situation for FPL managers. If the wildcard was to be played on GW21 in preparation for GW22, the manager risks loading their squad with non-playing players for GW21. This is also assuming that the FPL manager has yet to play their first WC – a largely unlikely situation.

If the WC was to played for GW22, the FPL manager risks utilising the second WC chip at too early. The season is long and winding – it is never wise to use the second wildcard so soon in the season.

We consider utilising the WC for this double gameweek a suicidal tactic and it should be avoided at all costs.

Option 2: Triple Captain (TC)

GW22 presents a good opportunity to utilise the TC chip and the most obvious candidate is Harry Kane. Kane averages 6.3 points per game and by that average, tripling that for GW22 will return an amazing 36+ FPL points. Spurs also do not have a deep squad upfront and they are chasing top 4 so unless Kane is injured, he will be assured a starting place. Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli are also regular points getters for Spurs

If for some reason you cannot fit Kane / Eriksen / Alli in your XI, Marko Arnautovic is a West Ham player you can consider. The Austrian is on-form, scoring thrice in his last four games and is also practically a forward listed as a midfielder in FPL.

All said, if you so decide to play TC on GW22, there is no need to rush. Just use the next 1-2 GWs to bring in that player (if not already in your team) and watch this space as the FF Titans bring you an up-to-date analysis on who to play closer to the matchday.

Option 3: Free Hit (FH)


The Free Hit chip was introduced this season and is relatively new to many FPL managers. In a nutshell, if you utilise the FH chip, you get to choose a fresh set of 15 players (within budget of course) for that game week alone. You will revert back to your original team afterwards.

FF Titans highly recommend the use of FH for GW22. Bring in the maximum number of Spurs and West Ham players (3 each) and you will have a strong advantage over those who did not. One additional tip here – on using the FH, there is no need to worry too much about your substitutes. Make sure you pick the cheapest substitutes and save all that cash for your XI since you will revert back to your original (ie GW21) squad.


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