The Chat: Predictions and FPL talk

With about a quarter of the season to go, we gathered our editors and some guests in a chat session to make some predictions and talk about our FPL season so far.



  • FF FLY (Moderator)
  • FF Hobbit (editor)
  • FF Titan (main editor)
  • FF Physio (editor)
  • FF Red Devil (editor)
  • Cromiership FPL
  • Gerardo Lozada (Last Season’s FF Titans’ league winner)

FF FLY: Let’s start with an FPL question – who is your favourite FPL player so far?

Not surprisingly, Liverpool’s Mo Salah is the pick of the town, with votes from 2/3 of the panel. Gerardo highlighted his personal allegiance to Liverpool as a slight factor for picking Salah but in all honesty, the Egyptian has been sensational so far (235 points as @ GW29). Cromiership picked City’s Raheem Sterling, highlighting that while he has had Salah since GW1, Sterling has been a differential. FF Red Devil picked Spurs’ Son Heung-Min, noting that the Korean delivered for him when he was picked.

FF FLY: Clearly Manchester City have already secured a top four spot – who else would join them in the top four?

After GW29, it was no surprise again that it was unanimous – all of the panel chose Liverpool, Manchester United and Spurs, in no particular order. Chelsea are 5 points away Spurs and Arsenal are 13 behind.

FF FLY: Which teams will be relegated then?

This is a question which split the floor. After Gw29, 3 pts separate 13th place and 19th. Everyone agreed that WBA are doomed (8pts from safety currently) but there is no other unanimous choice. Stoke City, Huddersfield Town and Southampton garnered 50% of the votes while Crystal Palace, Swansea and Newcastle have a vote each. FF Hobbit noted that Palace’s form had been awful and they are missing Wilfred Zaha (no return date). FF Red Devil picked Rafa Benitez’s Newcastle as he believes that the Spaniard’s negative tactics will haunt them. FF Titan picked Swansea, believing that they will actually be undone by their good run in the Emirates FA Cup as the fixtures pile up.

FF FLY: The race to the Golden Boot is on! Who will win it?

2/3 of the panelists picked Spurs’ Harry Kane while Cromiership and FF Hobbit picked Mo Salah. FF Physio cited Kane’s abilities to get multiple goals in a match as a factor while FF Hobbit believed that Salah’s form will continue to shine through. Gerardo is a Kane supporter for this – he believes that the Englishman is focused and will reach the 30-goal mark in due course.

It is clear that either of the Kane and Salah have much personal pride at stake here but watch out – an injury to either player will almost gift the Golden Boot to the other.

FF FLY: Back to FPL – where you with your chips so far?

  • FF Titan / FF Red Devil – used Free Hit
  • Gerardo – used Triple Captain (on Harry Kane for GW22)
  • Cromiership / FF Physio / FF Hobbit – no chips used so far

It looks like with 9 Premier League games to go, there is much to tinker as managers plan when best to use their remaining chips!


Feel free to share your thoughts on the above with us!


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