Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW8 picks

October 14, 2016 FF Red Devil 0

Enjoy your “international break” already? Comon’ get back in shape now! The Premier League is back and it’s GW8! Liverpool v Manchester United takes center-stage but let’s not forget there are nine other fixtures and plenty of points to be earned!

Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW7 picks

September 29, 2016 FF Red Devil 0

GW7 beckons in the Premier League before the international break! Will lethargy set it for the Europe-bound teams? Will teams like Liverpool and West Ham exploit the games? Read on and we will let you know!

Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW6 picks

September 22, 2016 FF Red Devil 0

GW 6 beckons! Arsenal V Chelsea should take center-stage this weekend but easy fixtures for Manchester City and Liverpool will drive our selections this week. But wait. Are there easy games in the Premier League?

Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW5 picks

September 15, 2016 FF Red Devil 0

There is no time to breathe. Immediately after European action, Chelsea takes on Liverpool at the Bridge on Friday night. There is no time to rest for us, as we make our picks for Togga Perfect XI GW5 …

Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW4 picks

September 8, 2016 FF Red Devil 0

The wait is OVER! After a hiatus of 13 long and arduous days the Premier League is finally back and here we are to bring you the picks for Gameweek 4. With the Manchester Derby in sight, what will our picks suggest about our allegiance? You tell us!

Togga Perfect XI | PXI – GW3 picks

August 25, 2016 FF Red Devil 0

By GW3, you can tell the contenders from the also-runs and the relegation candidates. Two quality Game Weeks makes you a Manchester United / City while two bad ones make you Sunderland. Noting the differential picks from the game’s official blog, we have come up with our own and realised.. we are by far the conservative one.