Possible replacements for Alisson

David de Gea

GW01 was a points bonanza week with plenty of goals and plenty of clean sheets to go round. The average was a high of 65.

Among other stories of GW01 was the unfortunate injury to Liverpool Goalkeeper Alisson Becker. At time of writing Alisson is still the most owned GK at 23.9% but is also the most transferred out player of GW01. There is no official word from the club except that he will definitely miss the team’s UEFA Super Cup tie against Chelsea in the midweek but some sectors are predicting a layoff of up to 6-8 weeks.

We look at some possible replacement scenarios for Alisson.



Adrian (LIV | 4.5) – The most straightforward replacement is Liverpool’s second choice Adrian. He will deputize for Alisson over the period and is pretty handily priced at 4.5. Liverpool is overall still a solid team with a good chance of clean sheets whenever they play so Adrian is a good shout. The only setback here is the need to monitor Alisson’s return date and utilize a FT during that week to bring him back.


Ederson (MCI | 6.0) – In almost every aspect, Ederson is a superb replacement for Alisson. He is priced at 6.0 as well and has every likelihood to keep a clean sheet. The only thing is you already have 3 MCI players in your team and there is a need to shift around to accommodate this transfer. Also, get Ederson early if you want him – either his increase in price or Alisson’s decrease will make you miss out.

David de Gea (MNU | 5.5) – Until last term, de Gea has always been FPL’s most sought after GK. United handsomely defeated Chelsea in their opener and with Harry Maguire, they suddenly look like a solid team with a reliable defence. United do not play a top 6 side until GW07 so he may be the perfect GK to go to.



Matthew Ryan (BRI | 4.5) – Of the goalkeepers at 4.5 and below, Ryan is the one who stood out. His clean sheet and 2 BPs against Watford makes him the second top points scorer of the Round. Brighton do have two winnable home games coming up but plays MCI immediately after that at GW04. He is worth a punt as always at his price but Brighton is a club that probably averages 6-10 clean sheets over a season.

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