Things You Need to Know About the 2019/20 FPL Calendar (II)

Liverpool Champions League

8 Gameweeks in, 30 left to go. Regardless of how you are positioned in FPL so far, you should have a sense of how the Premier League calendar will look in the months to come. We break up the rest of the season into phases.


Phase I: (up to 8 OCT 2019) This represents the season that has been played. Two international breaks have passed and European club competitions have kicked off with 2 Group Stage games. This is the phase for teams to settle on their line-up. “No race has ever been won in the first corner; many have been lost there.” – this applies to both the league and FPL. Nonetheless, chin up if you are struggling, if you have kept your chips, there is opportunity to steam forward.

Phase II: (GW09 – GW12) This phase to come consist of 4 gameweeks and takes us to the next international break. 2 games in European Club calendar will be played also. Again, there is no massive need for panic now. GW09 may be a good time to use a Wildcard but there is still no need to consider the other chips. Breathe on.

Phase III (GW13 – GW20) This is the key phase of the first of the FPL season.  The final two group games will be played this Phase. There are a few key milestones to note for this phase:



  • Liverpool will travel to Qatar for the FIFA World Club Cup, their game against West Ham on GW18 has already been postponed and there is a likelihood that their GW17 against Watford will be moved to another week as well.
  • 4 games over GW18-GW21 will be played over just 11 calendar days, over the festive period which is always busy in England
  • GW20 is the FINAL week for you to utilise your first wildcard.

Phase IV (GW21 – GW26) The season gets very serious after the turn of the year. The FA Cup also kick offs with Saturday fixtures. Two rounds of the Cup would be played in this phase though European club competition takes a break over this period. There is also no international break.

  • GW26 is earmarked as a winter break in the Premier League.  It will be played over two different weekends (8th and 15th Feb) to ensure that all clubs get around 14 days off. FPL wise there should be no material impact.

Phase V (GW27 – GW31) 5 gameweeks in this phase take us to the last international break of the season, European club competition also resumes with the Last 16 fixtures (Last 32 AND Last 16 in the Europa League). This is a key period where many FPL managers will utilise their second Wildcard to have a solid team into the home stretch.

  • GW31 is also the FA Cup quarters. Historically this game week will see a set of abridged fixtures, Premier League sides still in the FA Cup would miss this. This is Free Hit territory. Do not waste your Free Hit before this gameweek

Phase VI (GW32-GW38) The last 7 gameweeks of the season is when the Premier League and FPL is won or lost. European club competitions reach its crucial phase and suffice to say, all of the seasons’ matters are settled in this phase.



  • GW32 may see some additional fixtures being played
  • GW34 is FA Cup semis so a maximum of four Premier League teams will miss this gameweek. However, the mid-week of this GW is free so some of the rescheduled games may be played
  • GW35 is going to be a bumper gameweek. Almost all the rescheduled games are likely to be played this GW and thus is absolute Bench Boost territory.
  • GW36-GW37 may also see some additional fixtures, necessary as the Premier League would likely want GW38 to end the season with no outstanding fixtures.


Things You Need to Know About the 2019/20 FPL Calendar

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