FPL Gameweek 5 – Wildcard

Preview of FPL Gameweek 5

For Gameweek 5, we are selecting a wildcard squad, which can hopefully provide some help for those managers who feel their squads need a refresh after the international break.


  • Pope (BUR, 4.6m) – At this price bracket, it was a toss-up between him and Heaton (AST, 4.5), but he seems to have the slight better fixtures (@BHA, NOR, @AVL, EVE, @LEI, CHE, @SHU, WHU).
  • Button (BHA, 4.0m) – Purely a place holder.



  • Van Dijk (LIV, 6.5m) – Our Liverpool defender of choice. If your budget allows, you can consider Alexander-Arnold (LIV, 7.1m), who is the most expensive defender with the most upside in terms of attacking returns.
  • Digne (EVE, 6.1m) – 2 clean sheets and 2 assists plus enticing fixtures (@BOU, SHU, MCI, @BUR, WHU, @BHA, TOT, @SOU)
  • Lundstram (SHU, 4.2m) – Everybody’s favourite defender below 4.5m and he plays in midfield.
  • Zinchenko (MCI, 5.6m) – Our pick for a Man City defender. If he begins to lose his starting place, you can downgrade to Otamendi (MCI, 5.4m) or Stones (MCI, 5.4m) easily.
  • Lowton (BUR, 4.5m) – A solid back-up defender who has decent fixtures coming up. Else, other Palace defenders (Cahill – 4.5m, Ward – 4.5m, Kelly – 4.1m) look ok at the same price bracket but there is uncertainty with Sakho (PAL, 5.0m) fit.



  • De Bruyne (MCI, 9.8m) – At this price and in this form, there is no need to justify his selection.
  • Salah (LIV, 12.5m) – The most expensive player, he has kept up with the big hitters and is on penalty duties.
  • Mount (CHE – 6.4m) – He has impressed with his energy and is on most of the set pieces.
  • Cantwell (NOR – 4.8m) – As a 4th midfielder, his price tag allows investment in other areas of the team.
  • Luiz (AST, 4.6m) – He seems a certain starter. Else, you can consider Stephens (BHA, 4.5m) or Hayden (NEW, 4.5m).



  • Aguero (MCI, 12.1m) – It was either him or Sterling (MCI, 12.3m) because of the budget required. He gets the nod now, especially with Jesus (MCI, 9.5m) still out and Aguero has not played many minutes during the international break.
  • Pukki (NOR, 7.0m) – He looks a calm and good finisher and he has some decent fixtures coming up (MCI, @BUR, @PAL, AST, @BOU, MUN, @BHA, WAT).
  • Haller (WHU, 7.5m) – Alternatives would include Abraham (CHE, 7.2m) who has champions league fixtures coming up and Barnes (BUR, 6.7m). We decided on him because West Ham is a more attacking side and do not have European distractions.


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