Alexis Sanchez’s time at Old Trafford – in Dollars and Cents

Alexis Sanchez is Inter Milan bound this week, on a loan deal which is reported to have the Italian side pay £175,000 (SGD295,700) of his £390,000 (SGD663,000) salary per week. The loan period is for 10 months and Inter do not have the option to buy. No other cash is reported to change hands.

This will mark an end, or at least a break, to Alexis’ 20-month stay at Old Trafford after he signed for the club in January 2018.

We look at the staggering numbers in dollars (GBP) and cents behind his time at Old Trafford.



Firstly, we gather the facts around how much Alexis has already cost Manchester United. He joined the club in a deal involving Armenian Henrikh Mkhitaryan moving in the opposite direction to Arsenal. It was widely reported that United valued Mkhitaryan at £35million (SGD59.5m) so we will include this as an upfront fee.

Next, while sources vary, we generally accept that his contract is £390,000 per week. Sanchez was at United for a total of 87 weeks, so this worked out to be £33.9million .

There would be of course revenue generated by the Chilean on shirt sales etc but there are also hidden costs such as taxes on salaries, insurance and bonuses so for our illustration, we will keep all those aside.

This puts the cost to United at £68.9million (SGD117.1m).



Manchester United’s record signing is Paul Pogba at £89m. Alexis’ costs would have been able to finance  80% of that fee to Juventus in 2016.

Marcus Rashford, arguably United’s brightest star at the moment, is reportedly on £50,000 a week. Sanchez’s cost would be able to finance Rashford’s salary for another 26 years.

In their latest financials, United reportedly made revenues of £590m and a net loss of £41m in 2018. Sanchez’s costs translate to 11.7% of the clubs revenue and would have turned their net loss position to a gain of £28m if the Chilean had never signed for the club!



Salary “by the hour”

As a reference point, the minimum wage in the United Kingdom is £7.50 per hour, which is already considered high globally in absolute dollar terms.

Alexis spent about 14,656 hours (all in) as a United player, which means that he had earned £4,703 per hour, even while he was sleeping. This a mere 630 times over the national minimum wage.

In 20 months, Alexis played a total of 2,781 mins of football on the pitch in a United shirt. This is about 46 hours in all, which means he earned £1.48m per hour on the pitch.

Over the course of his stuttering career as a Red Devil, he scored 5 goals and provided 9 assists, meaning that he was involved in a grand total of 14 United goals. That figure puts him at £4.8m per goal he was involved as a United player. If we only consider goals and assists in the Premier League, Alexis has 3 Premier League goals and 6 assists, working out to around £7.7m per goal. He did not score or assist in the 6 Champions League games which he played for United.

Oh, that is not all. Alexis’ contract runs until Jun 2022, which means United is due to pay him after £51.7m (after deducting Inter’s share) if they do not offload him!!


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